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Thinking about getting a new puppy or maybe a rescue dog?


Breed Talks is a service that aims to educate and assist you with selecting and sourcing the right breed of dog for you, your family and your lifestyle, before you have the puppy.

Book in now for a consultation to discuss the best breed options for you.



Jess often explains to clients during Puppy School that they need to 'get to know their breed'. Unfortunately, many people choose breeds that are not suited to their lifestyle and, upon reflection, would have made a different choice. 

Educating yourself and researching dog breeds is something we need to explore before we welcome our new pup or dog into our home. 

Some breeds require more care and subsequently may incur more veterinary costs in their lifetime - can you afford that? What about those intelligent working breeds - are you able to meet their exercise requirements and provide outlets for their breed specific drives? Maybe you want to adopt a rescue - are you prepared to make compromises to accomodate for previous experiences or trauma affecting your new dog?

Avoid some of the pitfalls of procuring a new dog and make the right choice.

Jess can help you examine your lifestyle, expectations and preferences to develop a plan for compatibility. Whether you want to rescue a dog or seek guidance on a pure breed, let Jess guide you through that process and provide you with resources that will equip you to make the right choice for you and your family.


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