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The Idea

A pet friendly rooftop bar in the heart of Darlinghurst, Sydney. The owner wanted to rebrand the rooftop space of The Taphouse, an iconic pub in Sydney. 


We did a launch shoot to circulate to Sydney PR firms and created a social media campaign to launch the new space. What resulted was a fresh, clean and refined brand launch, staying true to Darlinghurst's edgy bar scene. We created a logo to that effect and in March 2021,

Elm Rooftop Bar was born!

171A6460-2 2.jpg


We implemented photography, colour scheme, logo, and social media services for the Elm launch. 

We began with an onsite photoshoot, utilising the edgy aesthetic of the characterful rooftop.

We made use of a bold new feature, the polished concrete bar, the key focal point of the space.

The exquisite new drinks menu and fresh horticulture was stunning and set the tone for our fresh colour scheme.

We configured the social media platforms, and added simplistic tag lines.

Colour Palette

Colour pallette


Social Media

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