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The Idea

A boutique small animal practice in the heart of Kingston Foreshore, Canberra. The practice owner wanted to create an up market veterinary practice and depart from the usual clinical feel of most veterinary settings. She had worked with designers to create a clean, modern feel throughout the clinical fit out.


As an extension of this, we marketed this clinic to reflect a new modern feel, incorporating a colour scheme that was clean and reminiscent of the waterfront location. We wanted to utilise the opposite palette to that of a typical hospital setting. The logo was a sophisiticated font choice, and has been impactful in its application to the branding throughout.

The Foreshore Vet


We implemented the full suite of services to build a well rounded brand launch for The Foreshore Vet. 

We began with an onsite photoshoot, utilising the beautiful aesthetic of the building walls and the Kingston Foreshore waterfront to build a rich colour palette from which to apply imagery to the website, marketing material and social media launch.

We built the social media platforms, and devised tag lines and phrases which formed the messaging and language to use throughout.


The Foreshore Vet launched on social media 6-7 months prior to opening, followed by the website. This built excellent momentum and served as a direct marketing stream to engage our targeted demographics within the community. We slowly released information on services, building progress and staff to continue to build on momentum throughout the pre-opening period.


On April 27th 2021, The Foreshore Vet opened its doors, and hit the ground running. 

The Foreshore Vet was born! 

Colour Palette

Colour palette


Marketing Material 

Business cards front
Business cards back
Marketing material

Website & Content

Social Media

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